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This month we’ll have some Easter cake specials at holiday prices!

These can be ordered via email holly@hollyscakes.com , by calling 864-224-6655.

Easter Cakes

Easter cake designs at a special holiday price of  $28 + tax 
Select your design and select your filling

Design: Bunny Bottom or He is Risen

Filling: Lemon or Raspberry Mousse

Call or email your order for pickup on Saturday March 26th
holly@hollyscakes.com   864-224-6655
Orders will be taken until Wednesday March 23rd at noon.

He is Risen Cake

He is Risen!

Cute Bunny Bottom Cake
bunny bottom


Lemon Filling

white cake lemon

Raspberry Mousse Filling

white cake raspberry

Easter Traditions Around the World:

Greece:They go to church and once home, everyone gathers around the table for a traditional meal to break the fast, which includes the mayiritsa souptsoureki (sweet bread), and the red eggs. But before the eggs are eaten, there’s a traditional challenge: “tsougrisma.” Holding your egg, you tap the end against the end of your opponent’s egg, trying to crack it. It’s a game enjoyed by children and adults alike. Eggs are often made in very large quantities since the game continues on the next day with more friends and family.” (http://greekfood.about.com/od/festivalsholidays/a/easter.htm)

France: Easter (Paques) in France facts and traditions. France, with its strong Catholic history, celebrates Easter with great enthusiasm. The country revels in Easter festivities and shops are decorated with white and dark chocolate rabbits, chickens, bells and fish (http://www.google.com)

Germany:Easter Sunday is the highlight of the holiday weekend. In the early morning, parents hide baskets filled with colored, hard boiled eggs, chocolate bunnies, sweets, and little presents for the kids. Many families attend an Easter service, followed by a traditional Easter lunch, lamb, potatoes, and fresh vegetables.” (http://gogermany.about.com/od/eventsandfestivals/a/easteringermany.htm)

Now It’s Your Turn Comment Below to Share some of Your Easter Traditions with Us!!