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At Holly’s Cakes, we love to uphold traditions. We create our cakes for classic traditions like weddings, birthdays, and baby showers. However, we are happy to make cakes for other special occasions.  So whether you’re celebrating an old tradition, or making a new one, we would love to take part in your momentous occasion.


Speaking of traditions, Valentine’s Day is a special day set aside during the year when lovers convey their love for one another through gifts of flowers, chocolate, and more.  Originated during the Middle Ages, in celebration of St. Valentine the famous martyr and saint, Valentine’s Day also acquired it’s well-known attribute of romance due to the time of year that birds mate. Therefore, we celebrate this extraordinary day each year to take time to celebrate how much we cherish our loved ones, and shower them with gifts. But Valentine’s Day traditions in the United States are quite different from those in other countries.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few Valentine’s Day traditions from around the globe:

-Denmark– They send a well-verse Valentine’s Day card without a signature to their lovers.

-Estonia– Valentine’s Day here is called “Friend’s Day” and then no one feels left out.

-Germany – Did you know that a marriage certificate in Germany was once considered to be a Valentine? Today, young men in Germany offer flowers to their ladies on Valentine’s Day or on other special day as well.

-Guatemala– People celebrate love for family, friends, and their lovers. They also wear masks with feathers to celebrate their culture.

-Philippines– The country holds mass weddings on Valentine’s Day, marrying thousands in one space at a time.

-South Korea– They have separate days for the men and women to give Valentine’s Day gifts to one another and even a special day for singles. The holiday truly lasts a few months because of this.


As you can see, traditions are sometimes very different around the world from what we do here in the United States. Perhaps you may even want to start your own tradition.  If you celebrate, make sure to do something special for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, but more importantly go the extra mile and do unexpected, sweet, and romantic gestures throughout the year. And remember, if you are looking for a sweet treat for your sweetie, you can find them here at Holly’s Cakes!!!