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Getting engaged and planning for your wedding are both extremely exciting and also overwhelming times. And by overwhelming, I definitely mean it in a good way! But let’s face it there is a lot of planning, organizing, and preparing needed to come full circle for that special day when you and your future spouse will tie the knot and commit to one another in front of all of your loved ones! Hence, Wedding Festivals!!  Not only do you get to meet and talk to all the local vendors and wedding professionals in your area to talk about and exchange ideas, you also get to win tons of free prizes, sample delicious foods, and have a blast with whomever you want to bring with you. Yes, ladies, this is that moment when you can bring your entourage of bridesmaids with you and even have a larger “squad” than Taylor Swift! Therefore, here are some incredible tips to help you conquer the wedding shows and make the experience not only a memorable one, but a win that was well worth your time!

  1. It is Definitely Worth Your Time! Nothing on the Internet can match the breadth and scope of visiting vendor booths, talking to the representatives of each company, collecting brochures and samples, and the actual visual and tactile effect of seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling products, versus a scattered amount of information that you have managed to Google. This is your chance to come face to face with the owners of floral/event design, bakeries , & wedding coordinators , and it gives you the opportunity to ask them questions and learn from their collective experience. You can tell right off the bat if you would like to work with them or not.  Do your research on the show, i.e.; Wedding Festivals – they have been around for over 20 years creating over-the-top designs and themes that you only see in your dreams.  In other words, they deliver! 
  2. Pre-Register. It saves time at the door and you pay less for your tickets. This will allow you to get through the door and make most of your time so that you can visit all of the wedding professionals that you would like to see and talk to. Now is the time to create your “wedding email address”. Many offer free email – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. so all of your wedding info goes to one place, not your personal email.  You can cancel the account when you get back from your honeymoon!
  3. Avery Labels are Your Best Friend. A bridal expo can have anywhere from 100 to 300 booths, all vying for your contact information and wedding details. Now, granted, you probably don’t like the thought of giving your information out to that many people, but for the purposes of demonstration let’s say that you find 50 vendors you’d be interested in talking to more. Can you imagine filling out 50 identical forms? Me either, so the solution is that you put your name, “wedding email” and your wedding date on a mailing label. Those same vendors will ask you to register for door prizes – labels to the rescue.  Print out a few pages of those babies and you’re good to go! Trust me, you won’t regret it!! There so many great freebies to sign-up for too even if you are only at the wedding festival to find out about certain wedding categories.
  4. Keep Your Focus. If you’ve been at this a while, then you probably don’t need to find every vendor necessary to complete your wedding day. So, make a list of the different types of vendors you need to see at the show, and only stop at those types of booths. Also, if you’re just engaged, then you probably need a venue, caterer, and a wedding planner. So, those are the three you need to look at first before you start looking at wedding cakes or a photo booth . Sticking to a strict vendor-type list will make the show more enjoyable for you, and also less overwhelming. Trust me.
  5. Lots of Goodies. At the end of the day you will have a bag full of information and may not be sure if that was the photographer who has video too, or if that was the bakery who had Sweet Potato Cake.  Simple trick – bend the corner of the business cards that you really like and want more information from; not enough time (or enough hands) to take notes.  As soon as you get home sort through your “gatherings. Also, enlist help from your bridesmaids, mom, or whoever you decide to bring with you that is important to you. They won’t mind lending you a hand and assisting you in helping hold brochures or placing labels on forms for you.
  6. A Little Advice. You will be absorbing a lot of information from many different booths in a short amount of time while trying to process it all. If you have ever been to a show you may also know to wear comfortable shoes, limit what you carry and not eat too much before you attend. The samples of Buffalo Chicken Dip and multiple yummy cake flavors will be more than ample.
  7. Plan Your Day Accordingly – Some shows like the Wedding Festival give out door prizes towards the end of the show but you have to be present to win. In the past they have given away items like diamond earrings…
  8. If You Are Reading This: If you are a bride-to-be and interested in attending the Wedding Festival this Tuesday, September 20th at the TD Center in Greenville, I may be able to hook you up with a couple tickets! I only have a few so the first ones to CALL or email Holly@hollyscakes.com and claim them will be able to attend the best show in the area! 864-224-6655.

Show Information:

TD Wedding Festivals

Tuesday, September 20th 4 pm-9 pm

TD Convention Center

1 Exposition Drive Greenville, SC 29607

TICKETS ARE $10 AT THE DOOR AND $8 ONLINE  To save time entering the show, print and fill out the Grand Prize Registration form:


Grand Prize:

1st 600 Brides through the door can register for the Grand Prize


Every Bride that attends this show will receive a coupon code Gift Card for a set of FREE Wedding Bands by ZB Jewelers. To redeem the gift card, go to www.zbjewelers.com  Click on gift card and select any two rings of your choice. $25.00 processing and handling fee and $5 shipping is required. (While Supplies Last)

$200 Gift Card to Symbolize It :

For every couple that purchases their tickets in Advance, while supplies last.

Large 10’x10′ Exhibits filled with the most current wedding supplies and services.



VISIT THE TABLE TOP DESIGN GALLERY : We bring wedding trends and designs together in beautiful tabletop displays.

VISIT THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S GALLERY Set up like an Art Museum; see the latest styles in Editorial, Fashion Forward and Traditional Wedding Photography.

BRING THE GROOM – HE’LL ENJOY GROOM’S EXPO : Today’s Groom is affluent, sophisticated, motivated and involved in planning the perfect wedding. An area for today’s Groom that is filled with samples and prizes.

FREE BRIDAL MAGAZINES: Bridal Magazines, including a one-year subscription to Brides Magazine for every bride, included in the ticket price.

FREE WEDDING BAG: Free “My Wedding Planning Bag” Canvas Tote for every bride!

PLATINUM WEDDING THEMES: Every Wedding Festivals represents a different Platinum Wedding Theme. Attend each show to see the best ideas for your wedding and see the next Platinum Wedding theme. A color-coordinated theme, from the show decor to the gowns to theatrical lighting. Every Bride will be a Platinum Bride at Wedding Festivals.




Click Here to View a List of the Wedding Festival Exhibitors at the Show