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How to Choose Your Wedding Color Palette

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Choosing the color palette for your wedding can be a very easy process if you are crafty, creative, and an organized planner or you can have all of those wonderful qualities and still not be sure where to start. Or maybe your like me, I thought it would be something that would come easily, however, after a few days of brainstorming, it took me actually starting to set things in stone to spark an idea. Asking my future husband to tell me some ideas of what he wanted in his tuxedo compelled me to browse on Pinterest and led to choosing a sweet fall color palette. If the whole process is new to you like it was to me and you are a little overwhelmed, then relax, kick back, and enjoy a hot cup of tea while you read these 7 easy steps that will save you some time and relieve any stress that you may have.


Know Your Budget:

Your budget directly affects your color palette. How much you or your loved ones are willing to spend will determine many aspects of your wedding in a domino effect all directly linking back towards the decision of what colors your will choose for your palette. Many components should be considered such as availability of a venue, times of the ceremony and reception, cost of flowers and décor, your wedding cake, cost of linens, and so much more.


Choose Your Venue:

First and foremost, it is very important before you start any kind of wedding planning to decide on the location of your ceremony and reception. Some people choose to have their special day all in one building, at one location and in two separate areas, or at two completely different locations. The venue that you choose and its popularity will influence the availability of that location, and also the times of day that you can set aside for the ceremony and reception. For example, a popular Greenville venue location such as The Old Cigar Warehouse may be booked on the day that you choose and may only have availability during the evening on that specific day.  Or for instance, if you are wanting to have a Sunday wedding in a church, then you must consider the fact that typically churches have morning and evening services. Therefore, you would only end up having an afternoon wedding available to you.

Once you decide on a venue, you will then be one step closer to deciding on your color palette. It is important to consider the colors of the walls, floors, and the lighting in your venue. It is crucial to make sure that you take pictures with a camera to remember the look of the venue. You do not want to choose a color palette that will clash with the existing colors, wash out you or your wedding dress, or potentially effect the results of your wedding pictures. This is a small but very important detail to consider that is often overlooked.


Save the Date:

Once you have decided on a venue, then you will be able to solidify your ideal wedding date based upon availability. This will help you to establish grounds for what time of day you would like to have the ceremony and reception. It is imperative to consider several factors such as potential clashing of colors, and light exposure in regards to what time of day and season of the year that the wedding will be. For example, pastel colors are considered acceptable colors during the spring and summer. However, to have bright orange or yellow in the winter would definitely create an innumerable amount of problems.


Pick a Theme:

Choosing a wedding theme certainly helps to lighten the load that wedding planning can put upon your shoulders, however it is not necessary to pick one if you do not wish to. Nevertheless, if you do want to choose a theme, there are many options available to you. Pick a theme that is relevant to who you and your future husband are as a couple. If you love the city life and have no interest in the outdoors, then a rustic outdoorsy theme may not appeal to you unless it relates to your venue. However, if you are a Southern Belle who loves to dress up and keep southern tradition alive, then a shabby chic, French couture theme might be ideal. Websites like The Wedding Party App offer additional advice on this topic.


Brainstorm Ideas for Décor:

This goes hand in hand with your theme, but deciding on what décor you can afford or will be available to you at your venue will also need to be pondered. For example, if your best friend is letting your borrow burlap table cloths and mason jars for centerpieces, then you will want to steer away from using a neutral color as your base color in the palette. You will need to decide on a warm or cool color to add to the mix that will correlate with the predetermined facets of your wedding.


Use the Free Resources that are Available to You:

Many websites exist to help you find the color palette that will not only accommodate the above mentioned features, but most importantly, will cater to your unique features. Color Me Pretty is a wonderful site that offers a 4 Season Analysis to guarantee that you will not be washed out on your wedding day. Other well-known wedding websites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire offer pictures of popular color choices and even a color generator. For more variety and choices you can visit Pinterest and The Perfect Palette as well.


Still Needing Advice:

Meet or Consult with your Event Planner, Photographer, and Cake Decorator. If you have not started the wedding process or chosen your wedding professionals then it would be beneficial to visit wedding consultants, such as My Wedding Group of Greenville, South Carolina or even attend a wedding festival to help jump you start the process.